Monday, October 26, 2009

To All Vampire Lovers Out There

Halloween is coming..
as Marilyn Manson sing it..

"Boys and Girls of every age..
Wont you like to see on something strange.."

Be ready Mon Cherie..
Halloween.. you will see strange things..
Auwooooooooooooo (wolf.. always a pretty creature)

Back to what I really want to type..
A subhuman.. lives and feed on human blood.. few weaknesses here and there.. sunlight.. stakes.. garlic (maybe they hate the smell).. holy water.. bla bla bla
what ever the case is..
I do believe.. many of us are attracted.. no.. what's the perfect word.. enchanted? no..
FASCINATED.. with the idea of vampires.. among us.. or even becoming one.. ( i know i do )

to all vampire lovers out there..
let us share something shall we..

the origin of vampire..
from the bible.. i barely know anything.. i am not catholic.. sorry for that
what i am about to type..
vampires.. from books i read

1)Bram Stoker's = Count Vladislav Drakul.. a young Romanian prince.. went to war.. returning.. some misfortune of luck.. losing everything .. blaming God.. and cursed into a blood sucking monster..

seriously.. its the original.. and it does fascinate me.. for years.. because i saw not Dracula as an evil monster.. i saw him as a man deeply in love.. (if you read the book.. you'll know)

that is until i read the next story of vampires..

2)Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles = This changes everything.. Anne Rice's vampires are so elegant.. not dark and mellow like the previous version.. Marius.. Armand.. Akasha.. and above all.. Lestat.. they live (they already dead.. sorry) gloriously..

Anne Rice did change few things.. their weaknesses.. their abilities.. but after i went through all her books.. i realize there is some similarity between hers and Bram's Dracula..

Its religious.. both of the stories are.. Catholic influences are everywhere...
And.. its about love.. in both stories.. showing that vampires are creature of loves..

But the interesting fact in Anne Rice's vampires is that her vampires are so elegant.. one of them even became a rock star.. Lestat.. and i know.. many vampire lover out there prefer Lestat over Dracula..

Anne Rice shown a lot of sympathy on her vampires in her novels.. and that actually attract most of the vampire lovers / readers out there..

and now.. Charlaine Harris..

3)Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Chronicles = This one is new to me.. have not read any of her things.. only that I've seen the tv series.. true blood.. based on her novels..

as far as True Blood concerns.. it does attract me.. the ideas that vampire are out in the open now.. having their own bar.. having their own hierarchy.. management.. business.. that interesting..

but i did notice that somehow.. Charlaine Harris did in a way continuing Anne Rice legacy and ideas.. with some differences.. but she did it brilliantly.. he vampires are as elegant as Lestat.. and for now.. new generation of vampire lovers are into Eric Northman.. William Compton.. Jessica Hamby.. and she did mixed other supernatural being in her novels.. telepathic (fairies) .. shape shifter.. maenad (ancient myth).. were wolf/tiger/panther.. and it does added the flavor...

i did missed out on John Carpenter's vampires because i never read any of his book.. i don't know why.. but i will read them.. soon.. and a friend just remind me that i fail to mention Stephanie Meyer's vampires.. owh.. sorry for that.. i have not read any of her books.. yet.. but i watch the movie twilight.. well.. still from the movie... it shown that vampires are beautiful and capable to love and be love.. and i promise you.. i will dig into this Carpenter's and Meyer's vampires.. and i shall tell you my view on them.. sorry again

since.. all of them writers.. fascinate me.. makes me wonder.. is Vampires real? can i be one? and stuffs.. left me dreaming for more.. (and you vampires lovers out there too right)

to all vampire lovers out there.. no matter if its Count Dracula.. Lestat.. Eric.. we all love them for the same reason.. they are beautiful in their own personal way...

and to new vampire lovers.. come come.. join the club.. and please.. do read all of them vampires books.. it is all beautiful..

After all.. too much vampires in your head will not going to harm you right? or will they?

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