Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hot Fuzz

Phew.. long time.. long time..
kinda lost interest in writing for a while..
just don't feel like to..

there's this movie I personally suggest for your viewing..
Hot Fuzz
a wicked.. funny.. and entertaining movie..
a Briton Made..

First saw it on HBO.. and I told myself.. wtf.. police? enough with this police things.. there's more than one can fit the eyes..
so i switch over to Starmovies.. Cinemax.. even worst.. Steven Seagal? was he dead and cremated some years ago? oh no? he still alive? zzzzz
owh.. it was David Carradine? another lousy actor? owh. .sorry

Back to Hot Fuzz..
after switching over few channels.. I told myself.. wth.. just watch that darn Hot Fuzz..
and then..
I started laughing.. giggling at first.. big laughter after ward..
Brit and their silly sense of humor..

Ahh.. I failed to mention what the story all bout?

Its about Sergeant Angel.. a good and dedicated police in London.. transferred to a small village in rural Gloucestershire.. the reason for his transfer? believe me this.. for being very good at what he's been doing.. solving crimes.. (we need this kind of police here in Malaysia)
- tips.. check out few scenes.. his superior transferring him and his workmate enjoying it.. and the scene how he broke the news to his ex gf.. happen to be a CSi staff..

Then.. off to Sanford village in Gloucestershire we go.. a village that have won "Village of the Year" award for so many times and intending to hold on it.. here where the fun truly begin.. from chasing criminal.. to chasing goose on a loose.. having a partner that is so into hollywood movies.. and to found out the dark secret how Sanford manage to won that award for so many times.. almost everyone is someone in that movie.. not going to let you know the rest.. go watch it.. its good.. i bet on it..

All right..
Here's what you should look for in Hot Fuzz..
- the acting skills.. every actors / actresses in that movie.. not matter the age.. they performed brilliantly..
- that bloody English sense of humor.. wicked!
- and the gunfight scene.. owh god! picture this.. a grandma.. on a bicycle.. hands of the handle.. and start shooting at Sergeant Angel.. its like one of them Robert Rodriguez's movies!

believe me this lads.. lasses..
Sanford.. Village of the Year.. for Gunfight.. !

* Simon Pegg.. who played Sergeant Nicholas Angel.. is the voice behind Buck.. in Ice Age 3.. what a guy!!

For those who have not entertain themselves with Hot Fuzz.. check it out.. you will like it.. if you have humor in your blood that is..