Thursday, July 23, 2009


how long has it been.. quite sometimes now since my last post..
been busy with life.. (do i have one.. oh yeah i do)
i spent last month... doing things.. many things..
yet i manage to squeeze in some hours.. went to the cinema..
and enjoy 3 movies..

1)transformers...revenge of the fallen..(i nearly fall asleep)
2)drag me to hell..(0wh..its hell indeed..its like having a nightmare..back to 80's CGI)
3)ice age 3..(they should make it like 10 or something.. brilliant!)

let me start with the biggest (so they say) movie of the summer..
Revenge of the Fallen..
whats in it?
all right.. Transformers.. its huge.. its big.. its robotic.. its scrap!
why i say so?
tell me.. what's inside the movie?
just some big robot kicking each other asses?
Revenge here.. revenge there.. robot with amnesia.. robot with heart changing..
evil robot.. good robot.. big robot.. tiny robot..
where's the story?
which we can relate to our everyday life?
come on.. do you expect one day.. a chick with that steel tail come and rock your bed?
seriously.. it bores me to death..
CGI is the only thing that matter to that movie..
Transformers.. revenge of the fallen.. they might as well change it to
Transformers.. Revenge of the Fallen Asleep!!
* rate = 1 1/2 .. only for the CGI!!

2)Drag me to hell .......... Sam Raimi.. famous for the Evil Dead's series.. then the Spiderman Trilogy.. then he routed back to Drag me to hell?
What on earth went inside his mind.. from making Bruce Campbell the greatest B grade superstar ever.. to making that Maguire dude look tough.. and he went to get an angry Lamia as a movie?
Please!! the storyline suck.. the CGI.. i think i was watching an 80's movie.. to the sick and intolerable acting skill..
What can i say.. there is nothing good in it..
Seriously Mr Raimi.. next time.. if you thinking of hell.. please.. please.. please..
You schmugg!!
* rate = 1/2000.. that is for the line.. I welcome the dead into my soul.. just that!!

3)Ice Age.. ahhh.. a saviour.. the Messiah.. the one that carry me back to life.. after watching 2 stupid movies..
the old gang.. the element of life.. the maturity.. the stupidity.. the courageous buck.. the untame Rudy.. the dialogue..
ahh.. what can i say.. this is the movie that fit and entertaining.. for every age.. every background.. i do believe i did not blink an eye during this movie.. (if i did.. i didnt do that on purpose.. accidentally)
the cinematic camera angle are brilliant..
watching Buck on the back of that big bird.. flying to save Sid.. its like watching one of those aerial war movie.. its like a scene in any big budget hollywood movies.. F-35 against Hornett..
I cant describe how excited I was watching that scene.. its marvellous..
this movie has it all man!! (and woman)..
it does!
i do hope that there will be Ice Age 4.. 5.. 18..92..
if they can keep this attitude and emotion inside the movie.. I'll be their follower..
Till death do us apart!!

* rate = do me a favour.. gather all the stars up in the sky.. still.. it is not enough for this great wonderful movie!!